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Technical Comparison of AbsoluteProof with Other Common Integrity Protection Mechanisms

The following table shows how Surety’s hash-and-link trusted time-stamp technology compares with other commonly used data integrity protection mechanisms. Detailed comparison reports of AbsoluteProof with each these technologies are available for download in our Comparison Summary Sheets box to the right.

AbsoluteProof® offers trusted time value, is portable, offers long-lived integrity, detects tampering, is independently verifiable, is standards-based and cannot be compromised — a package of capabilities that secure hashing, PKI timestamps and PKI digital signature cannot offer.

The Power of Proof

Comparison Summary Sheets

Read how AbsoluteProof compares to PKI-based Timestamps, Secure Hashing, and Digital Signatures to gain a better understanding of why AbsoluteProof is the best option for data integrity protection.

Download Comparison Papers:
PKI-based Timestamps | Secure Hash | Digital Signatures

AbsoluteProof Technical Overview

Learn more about how the AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service works.

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