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View and Validate "Sealed" Digital Content

Surety‚Äôs freely-available AbsoluteProof Viewer enables you to independently view and validate the integrity of digital content sealed using the AbsoluteProof Service.

AbsoluteProof Viewer enables you to view and independently validate the integrity of digital content stored in an AbsoluteProof Envelope. An AbsoluteProof Envelope is a container for integrity-protected content. It is a Zip file that contains a file and a corresponding AbsoluteProof Seal that timestamps and protects the integrity of the file. These envelopes have a ".tso" file extension (for example, myfile.tso).

It is important to note that you do NOT need an AbsoluteProof Service account to use AbsoluteProof Viewer. This is important as it enables any third party to view and validate integrity-protected digital content stored in an AbsoluteProof Envelope.

With AbsoluteProof Viewer, you can:

  • View the contents of the AbsoluteProof Envelope
  • Validate the contents using the corresponding AbsoluteProof Seal
  • View the corresponding AbsoluteProof Seal details
  • Export the envelope contents.

AbsoluteProof Envelopes are created by AbsoluteProof Desktop, AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer, and other AbsoluteProof-enabled applications.

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