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Listen in as industry leaders, Surety customers and the Surety Product Team provide insightful information into protecting your critical data’s integrity and being able to prove its authenticity through our webinars below.

Scientific Intellectual Property and Lab Informatics Webinars


  • Protect and Legally Defend Your Scientific Intellectual Property: Digital Signatures Alone Aren't Enough

    This webinar will explore these "sign and seal" concepts and requirements, and will discuss how you can implement simple, cost-effective controls to achieve legally enforceable scientific IP for the life of the content.

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  • Lab Informatics Webinar: Protecting & Legally Defending the Authenticity of Your Scientific Data

    Hosted with Bio-IT World, this web symposium provides an encompassing view of intellectual property protection and data integrity issues facing the bio-sciences industry today. What is working? What isn't working? And what can be done to protect and legally defend the authenticity and ownership of your organizatio's intellectual property and research data. Additionally, you'll hear about Lawrence Berkeley Labs' approach to managing the protection of their digital scientific data.

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  • Protect IP, Reduce the "Sign and Witness" Burden in Lab Informatics: Proving and Legally Defending the Authenticity of your Scientific Intellectual Property.

    Protecting the integrity and legally defending the authenticity and ownership of your scientific intellectual property is critical for the bio-pharma and life-sciences industries. To accomplish this, data integrity protection controls, such as trusted timestamping, must be integrated into the data work flow of researchers and scientists, particularly in electronic lab informatics systems. These automated measures also can ease the costly and burdensome task scientists must follow to "sign and witness" volumes of research records, allowing scientists to focus instead on their research. Moderated by Michelle Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine, this webinar looks at how you can easily and cost-effective achieve these benefits.

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