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Defending Your IP - Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents: Your Ownership May Be At Risk

Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your organization. From trade secrets and copyrights to trademarks and patents, proving the integrity and legally defending the authenticity and ownership of your intellectual property is critical to your organization's long-term success. As organizations move from paper-based to electronic and cloud-based systems, they risk not being able to defend the authenticity of the records that document their IP.

Don't Risk Losing Everything

Consider this:

An employee goes to a competitor and that company files for a patent on material derived from your IP prior to your filing for the same material. Without evidence of what the employee had access to and when, the patent could be granted to the third party, and you could lose the rights to your internally developed IP.

Or, let's say you publish copyrighted electronic content and a third party publishes derived works claiming them as their own. Without evidence that you are the original author of the content, you may not be able to successfully defend the rights to your material. 

Now, more than ever, you need the power to prove that your electronic records of invention, artwork and other forms of creative material are authentic. What does that mean?  It means that you can prove that you created them, when you created them, and that they haven't been changed or altered in any way since.

You need AbsoluteProof from Surety. 

IP Protection for the Long Term

In some markets, records containing key IP content need to be maintained and preserved for decades. At any moment, you might be called upon to verify the integrity of every record, file or other digital content in defense of a challenge. As a result, you must be able to prove the authenticity of your electronic IP for years - even decades - after its creation.

That's where AbsoluteProof comes in. Only AbsoluteProof can provide proof of data integrity that can last the lifetime of your records - regardless of how long that may be.

IP Protection Where You Need It

At Surety, we simplify IP protection. Through our easy-to-use applications, solutions our partners provide, and software development kits that enable you to integrate AbsoluteProof directly into your electronic systems, we make achieving effective IP protection quick and affordable.

What's more, AbsoluteProof can be implemented so that it is completely transparent to the user. That way, protecting your valuable trade secrets, copyrights and other IP never gets in the way of creating them.

Protecting IP in the Cloud: The Need for Proof of Integrity and Authenticity  

The cloud provides many benefits and efficiencies, but along with those also comes new vulnerabilities and increased risk. Chain-of-custody issues and data integrity concerns over valuable intellectual property data can be addressed by implementing the industry's strongest data integrity control - AbsoluteProof.

If you're a cloud user, how do you know that the integrity of your data is maintained while in the cloud? If you're a cloud services provider, how do you prove that the integrity of the data you manage has not changed while under your watch? How do you address customer concerns regarding data integrity? 

AbsoluteProof can be used to prove the integrity of data in the cloud, giving you confidence that the data you entrust to the cloud is free from intentional or unintentional modification.

AbsoluteProof IP Protection Solutions: 

  • AbsoluteProof for ELN - seamlessly integrated into market-leading electronic lab notebooks, enabling long-term IP protection of critical R&D data
  • AbsoluteProof Desktop - easy-to-use application for one-click "sealing" and validating individual records, files or other digital content on Windows-based desktop systems 
  • AbsoluteProof Sign & Seal - desktop application that enables both the "signing" and the "sealing" of electronic content, delivering increased protection for long-term legal defensibility beyond what a digital or electronic signature alone can provide
  • AbsoluteProof FolderSeal - Windows-based application that performs automatic "sealing" of new or updated records or files stored in folders and subfolders
  • AbsoluteProof FLEX - a powerful, cross-platform, Java-based utility that enables quick integration of AbsoluteProof into wide variety of environments, including script-based web applications; and supports administrators in testing and managing "sealed" content produced by other applications 
  • Software Development Kits - for integration of AbsoluteProof into virtually any environment, including custom applications, commercial products, cloud services, content management systems, web and mobile applications, scanners, etc. SDKs are available for Java, .NET, C++, as well as a REST-based SDK that can be used for any language or environment.
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