Use AbsoluteProof to Differentiate Your Product or Service and Drive Revenue

Integrating AbsoluteProof into your offerings can help you differentiate your product or service, provide additional revenue opportunities, and put your customers' concerns to rest.

Integrate the AbsoluteProof Digital Seal today!

Doing business in a digital world poses significant new risks to your customers. Regardless of whether their concerns relate to intellectual property protection, digital evidence preservation, regulatory compliance, or assuring the authenticity of their electronic records and files, they will demand your products and services provide them the protections they need.

By integrating AbsoluteProof into your product or service, you can give your customers the security assurance they require. The end results are increased sales and revenue for your organization, through improved differentiation in the market, and the elimination of sales objections.

For cloud service providers, integrating the AbsoluteProof Service into your offerings can also mitigate the liability risks associated with taking custody of customers' data. If the content is "sealed" as it arrives into your cloud, you now have a cost-effective means of proving that the content has not been altered or changed in any way while under your control - from the exact moment you took possession of it.

We’ve designed the Surety Partner Program to fit your needs. With a breadth of Enterprise Class product modules and service offerings, Surety’s partner program provides the perfect solution for partners to add value to your business or technology solution offerings, as well as opportunities to add value with your technical or business consulting expertise.

The Surety Partner team will work with you to ensure you hit the ground running on day one and execute quickly for your customers. All of our partners have ongoing, exclusive access to Surety’s team that is tasked with ensuring that our customers and partners remain at the forefront of our data integrity protection services.

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The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Data Sheet

Download this overview to learn more about the AbsoluteProof Service from Surety.

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

Download this whitepaper to learn how digital timestamping can help you easily and affordably protect and defend your critical electronic records, files and other digital content.

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AbsoluteProof Technical Overview

Learn more about how the AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service works.

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