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RealLegal Reports Record Highs of Electronic Court Transcripts Used with Surety’s Data Integrity Solution

Court Reporters and Reporting Agencies Show Significant Increase in the Utilization and Deployment of E-Transcripts for Proof of Authentication, Accuracy and Security

HERNDON, VA – August 2, 2006

Surety, LLC, the leading provider of data integrity solutions, today announced that its integration partner, RealLegal, the market leader in technology to standardize, secure, and transmit electronic transcripts, has recorded all-time highs of court reporters and reporting agencies nationwide using the RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures™, allowing court reporters to seal their electronic transcripts, digitally time-stamping them to objectively demonstrate their time and content integrity . In May of this year, RealLegal reported that the E-Transcript Signature Service has been adopted by 300 reporting agencies and 2,000 individual court reporters across the country, and has sealed more than 45,000 transcripts. The combined solution of RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures™ and Surety's AbsoluteProof® service certifies the accuracy and authenticity of legal transcripts, seals them with a verifiable timestamp and author identification, and prevents tampering and forgeries.

By partnering with Surety and leveraging its AbsoluteProof solution, RealLegal has introduced a reliable way to secure highly sensitive content from depositions and court proceedings. When court reporters use RealLegal software to prepare and submit transcripts, they can apply their signatures to verified documents with a single click of the computer mouse, simply and easily gaining the security advantages of AbsoluteProof. Once time and date stamped, attorneys or any regulatory body can validate that documents generated inside RealLegal software and sealed with an E-Transcript Signature have never been tampered, thus proving the authenticity of the original electronic copy.

“The health care and financial services industries have had to contend with the vulnerability of electronic information for some time. Only recently has the spotlight shifted to the legal industry and the content contained in official and deposition transcripts," said Jason Primuth, General Manager for RealLegal. “In the legal sector, it is critical to establish, beyond a shadow of doubt, the origin, authenticity, and creation time of each electronic transcript that is submitted – especially now as we have seen more and more court systems demanding the ability to prove the authentication of any and all electronic records and documents. By integrating Surety's AbsoluteProof into our RealLegal software, our customers can irrefutably prove that a file was created when claimed and has not been changed since. It is a simple solution that provides legal professionals with a new level confidence. ”

Built around open standards, AbsoluteProof is easily integrated into any enterprise application platform and is capable of verifying the integrity of any digital content. RealLegal incorporated AbsoluteProof into the most commonly-used court reporting software to create and encrypt electronic transcripts. Every transcript file that is generated by the software may now have the added protection of an electronic time-and-date stamp and a tamperproof seal that stays with the transcript forever. At any point in its lifecycle, the content can be validated to ensure that has not been altered in any way.

“As the leader in electronic transcript authentication and security, RealLegal is a business built on its reputation for integrity," said Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety. "AbsoluteProof provides an added level of assurance that all documents generated with RealLegal’s E-Transcript technology may be validated independently and conclusively so that vital court records may be proven authentic over the course of their useful lives.”

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