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Rescentris’ CERF Integrates Surety’s AbsoluteProof Service, Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection Within the CERF Lab Notebook Framework

Data Integrity Solution Enables Long-term, Legal Defensibility of IP Ownership

San Diego, CA –November 16, 2010 -- Surety, LLC, the leading provider of data integrity protection solutions, and Rescentris, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and scientific content management software solution provider, today announced at IQPC’s 7th Forum on Laboratory Informatics conference that Rescentris has integrated Surety’s AbsoluteProof® Service into its Collaborative Electronic Research Framework™ (CERF) solution to bolster the protection of its customers’ ELN-based intellectual property (IP) content.

Surety’s flagship product offering, AbsoluteProof, is a third-party, digital timestamping technology that delivers long-lasting protection; provides objective proof-of-record integrity and authenticity independent of an organization’s people, processes and systems; and is compliant with domestic and international timestamp standards. AbsoluteProof uses Surety’s patented hash-chain-linking methodology to provide ELN users with independent, irrefutable proof that their electronic scientific data has not been subject to forgery or compromise since the time it was created and “sealed.”

CERF ELN enables organizations to document the entire Research and Development (R&D) process from initial conceptualization through product development and production. Proof of the authenticity and integrity of the research data ensures the ability to have legally defensible records that enable laboratories to capitalize on their scientific intellectual assets.

“As valuable as it is to have CERF to capture all of the lab notes, documents and data and to create good scientific and business records, it is also essential that organizations have systems in place for long-term protection of electronic records,” said Jeff Spitzner, President of Rescentris. “Rescentris has incorporated AbsoluteProof to extend the ability of CERF users to prove data integrity and authenticity using the industry leading independent solution for digital timestamping. This combined solution allows our users to sleep easier at night knowing that they are limiting risk to their patents while speeding time to market for their products.”

CERF from Rescentris is an ELN software solution that utilizes advanced knowledge management technologies to meet the various complex requirements of global organizations. The electronic data entered by users is stored and preserved on a server where it is indexed for easy, centralized searching, allowing secure, managed and simultaneous access for scientists, managers, intellectual property specialists and collaborators.

AbsoluteProof digitally timestamps research data flowing within the CERF ELN, delivering substantial evidentiary support should the authenticity or ownership of timestamped records ever be legally challenged. A secure, digital timestamp verifiably "seals" a record at any stage, enabling the integrity of its time of creation and content to be independently proven at any time during the life of that record. Additionally, researcher identity is captured and sealed alongside the content during the collaboration workflow, increasing the defensibility of the overall "sign and witness" process.

"The data housed within ELNs is critical to fulfilling the R&D process within biotechnology and life sciences industries," said Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety. "Given the ease of which manipulating electronic information can be done without data integrity protection, it's critical that the data be authenticated and tamper-proofed, or sealed. AbsoluteProof can guarantee the integrity of electronic scientific data from the moment it's created, recording the exact date and time at which it originated, and legally defend it if ever disputed. Protecting electronic data with AbsoluteProof consequentially saves customers money and also protects the intellectual property identified by scientific research teams."

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About Surety, LLC
Founded in 1994 by leading Bellcore Scientists, Surety is the leading independent, digital timestamp authority in the bio-pharma and R&D markets. With millions of research-oriented electronic records and files worldwide protected under its authenticity Seal, the company's flagship service offering AbsoluteProof enables organizations to meet the legal, fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities associated with creating, managing and archiving electronic records, files and data by providing legally-defensible evidence of data integrity and authenticity. AbsoluteProof ensures against content tampering by providing a "digital wax seal" for all types of electronically-stored content. The company's client base is made up of R&D-heavy pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies, legal and financial services firms, healthcare organizations, cloud-computing service providers and copyright protection agencies that are ensuring record integrity with AbsoluteProof. For more information, visit

About Rescentris
Rescentris, Inc. provides CERF enterprise software to biology and multidiscipline R&D organizations to help them migrate easily to the digital system that enhances efficiency and collaboration while protecting their R&D investments and intellectual knowledge assets. CERF combines Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and scientific content management to collect, secure, share, and leverage data and paperless lab records. For more information about CERF from Rescentris, visit


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