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Surety and Digital Now Partner to Safely Exchange and Store Personal and Business Digital Records

New Combined Solution Ensures Authenticity of Electronically Stored Personal and Business Data

HERNDON, VA – April 23, 2007

Surety, the leading provider of data integrity solutions and Digital Now, Inc., today announced that Surety's technology will be embedded in the soon-to-be-released DEXSAR TM , the Digital EXchange Storage and Retrieval Service from Digital Now, Inc. (DNI). Surety's flagship product, AbsoluteProof®, will provide digital time-stamping of electronic records kept by consumers and business service providers in DEXSAR, a digital exchange and storage solution.

DEXSAR v2, scheduled for release June 2007, allows professional service providers to supply their customers with web-based digital exchange and storage accounts, capable of securely storing data such as health records, financial information, digital music and pictures. AbsoluteProof will automatically provide a secure digital timestamp for all data transferred from participating service providers into a user’s DEXSAR account, ensuring that important records stored in DEXSAR, such as bank statements, prepared tax filings and financial plans, are secure and authenticated.

“Integrating AbsoluteProof into DEXSAR provides users with an added sense of confidence and security,” said Gary Mueller, CEO of DNI. “Service providers can be confident that documents they provide to their customers are authentic and secure, allowing these companies to comply with regulations and litigation demands more easily.”

“As we become an increasingly digital society, it is necessary that consumers and service providers have a place to safely store and manage electronic records,” said Tom Klaff, CEO, Surety, LLC. “DEXSAR provides individuals and businesses with a centralized, secure environment for digital data security while AbsoluteProof provides users with the confidence and comfort that their data has not been tampered with and that their records can meet the stringent requirements of both the legal and regulatory communities.”

The combined solution will be available via a web-based subscription. Upon signing up for a digital storage account, users will have access to organized containers of provided information such as tax records, financial statements and health information. All information transferred from participating service providers will be digitally timestamped with AbsoluteProof, thus mitigating the risk of tampering and providing users with an added level of trust in the security of their records.

For more information on Surety's AbsoluteProof solutions, visit . Additional information on Digital Now and the DEXSAR solution is available at .

About Surety, LLC

Founded in 1994, by two prominent Bellcore Scientists, Surety is recognized as a premiere trusted third-party timestamp authority. The Company’s flagship product AbsoluteProof® enables organizations to meet the legal, fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities associated with creating, managing and archiving electronic data by providing verifiable evidence of data authenticity. Their client base is made up of legal and financial services firms, research and development laboratories and copyright protection agencies that are ensuring record integrity with AbsoluteProof. For more information, visit

About Digital Now, Inc.

Digital Now, Inc. (DNI) pioneers new software applications and web services to help consumers, businesses, and professional service providers to manage their growing portfolio of digital records and files. Digital Now has a strong history of technological innovation in online consumer and business services and user-friendly applications. DNI is a spin-off of Luminus Systems Inc., the operating entity of Luminus Systems Limited or Melbourne, Australia, traded publicly on the ASX. For more information, please visit

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