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Surety Partners with OnQ Software of Australia to Deliver Data Integrity Protection to OnQ Clients

Surety’s AbsoluteProof Service enables organizations to prove the authenticity of their electronic records, files and other digital content

Reston, VA – March 29, 2012 -- Surety, LLC, the leading provider of data integrity protection solutions, and OnQ Software, a specialized software provider that delivers a comprehensive range of informatics solutions, today announced a new partnership to bring Surety’s AbsoluteProof digital timestamping service to industries in Australia and throughout the APAC region that place great value on protecting the integrity of electronic records, files and other digital content. These industries include the life sciences, financial and legal markets.

Through the agreement, OnQ Software will be able to provide its clients with solutions that seamlessly integrate AbsoluteProof, thereby meeting their client’s critical record integrity and intellectual property protection requirements. These solutions include industry-leading electronic lab notebook (ELN), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other enterprise content management (ECM) system deployments.

When integrated into a content or record management system, AbsoluteProof enables the client organization to protect the integrity and prove the authenticity, ownership and time of creation of its electronic records. In the case of ELNs and other informatics systems, this proof is central to the client’s ability to protect their critical scientific intellectual property and to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. AbsoluteProof applies a tamper-evident, digital “seal” to each record in the system, providing long-term, independent and standards-compliant proof that the content existed at a particular point in time and has not been altered since. Because of its independence and long-lasting protection, the AbsoluteProof Service enables organizations to defend the authenticity and ownership of their electronic data for the life of the records.

“The partnership with OnQ Software marks Surety’s first reseller and implementation partner in the fast-growing Australian market, and helps expand our presence in a region where the move to electronic records is occurring rapidly in organizations of all sizes,” explained Jim O’Connor, President and CEO of Surety. “As life sciences and other organizations increasingly move to electronic records management solutions, data integrity and intellectual property protection are top-of-mind concerns. By offering AbsoluteProof to its customers, OnQ Software can readily address these issues.”

As the healthcare and life sciences information technology markets continue to expand, and electronic records management initiatives expand in other industries in Australia and throughout the Pacific Rim region, OnQ Software has become the region’s go-to solutions provider to help organizations improve efficiencies, solve key IT issues and capture and protect their electronic records.

“We have seen an annual growth in the region of approximately 7.4%; however, as more industries look at protecting their intellectual property and managing their records more effectively, we expect further growth,” said Nick Gannoulis, Managing Director, OnQ Software.

“Surety’s independent, digital timestamping technology mitigates the risks associated with electronic records, enabling our customers to safely move to efficient and cost-effective electronic record management processes,” he added. “Surety is backed by more than 15 years of successful deployments in some of the largest organizations in the world. This partnership marks a valuable expansion in our service offerings that will benefit our clients by enabling us to provide them with the best-available electronic data integrity solution, ensuring intellectual property protection, litigation readiness and regulatory compliance as they move to electronic records.”

About Surety, LLC

Founded in 1994, Surety is the world’s leading provider of technology to protect the integrity and prove the authenticity of digital information. Surety’s founders were pioneers in the field of cryptographic timestamping, and to this day, Surety provides the market’s best solution for long-term, independent and standards-compliant proof of electronic data integrity through its AbsoluteProof Service. With millions of electronic records, files and other digital content worldwide protected under its authenticity Seal, AbsoluteProof can be deployed at all levels – from the desktop or enterprise to the cloud – and provides an ideal, affordable solution to the challenges of protecting intellectual property, online or digital evidence, and proving the authenticity of electronically stored records and information. For more information, visit


About OnQ

OnQ Software is dedicated in providing leading edge custom technology solutions with the aim of enabling end to end integration across your entire workplace using our suite of state of the art software, tools and highly trained experts who can tailor a solution for your business needs.

OnQ Software has been in the industry for 20 years enabling partners and customers to achieve their goals through delivering quality solutions and services For more information, visit 

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