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Achieve Auditable Security in the Cloud with AbsoluteProof from Surety

The move to the cloud delivers benefits, but also risks. In most cases, your files and data are well protected. But even if your cloud provider uses SSL or encrypts stored data, that doesn't prevent someone from compromising your account and silently altering or tampering with your data. What would it mean to your business? The most damaging attacks can be the ones you don’t know about.

And, even if you encrypt the data before moving it to the cloud, that doesn't guarantee that you, or someone with access to your encryption key, did not alter the original data at some point in its lifetime. Cloud data can always be decrypted, altered, and then re-encrypted. Even though you may be using encryption, you still need the ability to audit your cloud data at any time to confirm its integrity and authenticity are intact.

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