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A Technology Comparative Discussion of "Digital Notarization" Solutions

Scientific intellectual property protection is a complex problem that cannot be remedied retroactively or through traditional means; we must be innovative with our preemptive security protocols in the same way we have evolved our efficiency processes.

More laboratories and R&D-centric organizations are changing from paper-based to electronic workflows to remain competitive…and why not? From initial conceptualization through product development and production, ELNs and other lab informatics systems are efficient and effective for what they are designed to do. If you or your organization are utilizing digital signatures and digital timestamping as solutions for IP Protection, you need to be aware of the differences between each method.

In this whitepaper, we will examine four of the most common digital protection controls for research-based IP:

  • PKI-Based Digital Signatures
  • Secure Hashing
  • PKI-Based Timestamping
  • Hash-and-Link, Keyless Digital Timestamping

This comparative discussion will provide a "graded" evaluation of each methodology and paint a portrait of the bioscience community's various options for neutralizing potential patent and other "ownership" litigation.

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