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  • Preserve digital evidence collected and/or stored on your Windows PC

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AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer - Prove the Time and Preserve the Integrity of Digital Evidence

Don't let digital evidence get away! AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer preserves online or any kind of digital content, such as photos, videos, recordings, electronic documents, etc. for defensibility in court.

Introducing AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer

Fortunately, a solution exists that’s easy to use, can be deployed immediately, works with any online evidence capture tools you may already be using, and can deliver the rock-solid defensibility you need to withstand any legal challenge.

AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer is the market’s strongest digital evidence integrity preservation and authenticity solution, designed in response to the global increase in web- anddigital-related litigation and investigation activities.


Whether you’re capturing web pages or other online evidence using any type or brand of screen capture tools, such as Snagit®, Camtasia Studio®, Adobe® Captivate®, or even just the print screen function, AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer software enables you to layer on the market’s strongest technology for preserving that evidence. With this easy-to-use software, you can apply a high-assurance cryptographic timestamp to any form of electronic evidence (web pages, video, audio, documents, logs, etc).

After sealing, the evidence and the Seal are stored in an AbsoluteProof Integrity Envelope – a modern-day “digital evidence bag,” if you will. The seal then can be used to prove when the evidence was collected and that it hasn’t been altered throughout its chain of custody. Evidence protected in this way can be provided to third parties who can independently validate the integrity of the evidence using Surety’s freely-available AbsoluteProof Viewer validation software. 

Built-in Case Report Template: Easily Document and Present Your Findings and "Sealing" Processes

It's one thing to save and "seal" the digital or web-based evidence you have captured, but how do you then convey that information to opposing counsel or even a judge?

Bundled with the AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer software is a fully customizable MS Word-based reporting template designed to help you describe not only the evidence captured, but also explain in easy-to-understand terms the processes you followed to preserve the digital evidence. 

Content Integrity, Protected by Surety


AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer eliminates the time, effort and costs associated with having to depose individuals or organizations responsible for the custodial management of such content, and enables long-term integrity protection of evidence no matter who collected it or when.

AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer’s core engine is powered by Surety’s AbsoluteProof Service, a patented, cryptographical timestamping methodology that digitally “seals” electronic records and files, enabling customers to protect the integrity - and independently and irrefutably prove the authenticity - of their original electronic records throughout their chain of custody. With the AbsoluteProof Service, customers can confidently say their sealed content has not been altered in any way since the moment they were captured and “locked down.”


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The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Data Sheet

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

Download this whitepaper to learn how digital timestamping can help you easily and affordably protect and defend your critical electronic records, files and other digital content.

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