AbsoluteProof for MS Exchange

AbsoluteProof for MS Exchange seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Exchange Server to prove content integrity for email messages and content attachments, archives and back-up files.  Helps customers improve their data security posture and meet regulatory compliance requirements for the protection of critical data.

AbsoluteProof for MS Exchange integrates directly into the Microsoft Messaging and Collaboration Platform level.


  • Lightweight data integrity software module
  • Seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Sealing enabled at Microsoft Messaging and Collaboration Platform level including: mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks
  • Future support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2008
  • 24/7 access to Surety’s AbsoluteProof data integrity protection service
  • High-volume, automated data sealing
  • Standard-compliant seals
  • Portable AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Bag allowing transfer of sealed content from system to system
  • Free downloadable Viewer for 3rd party validation of sealed content


  • Reduces integration costs with drop-in software module
  • Transparent sealing of inbound and outbound mail
  • Both original message and transport envelope can be sealed
  • Sealing is done asynchronously so it does not impact mail delivery
  • AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Bag prevents modification when content is transferred
  • Mail and seals can be exported to an external message archive


The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof for MS Exchange Data Sheet

Learn more about how AbsoluteProof can improve the integrity protection of your emails and attachments.

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

Download this whitepaper to learn how digital timestamping can help you easily and affordably protect and defend your critical electronic records, files and other digital content.

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