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AbsoluteProof Desktop - Achieve IP Protection Right at Your Own PC

AbsoluteProof Desktop is the market's leading application for protecting the integrity and proving ownership of electronically-stored intellectual property records and files. It can be used to protect your IP in any digital form, including documents, spreadsheets, email, scientific research findings, images, audio & video files, and CAD drawings, and any other type of digital content, right at your desktop. In addition to protecting your intellectual property, AbsoluteProof Desktop also can be used to help meet compliance requirements for the protection of critical data.

AbsoluteProof Desktop (for Windows)


  • Lightweight PC-based sealing and validation utility
  • Seal files of any format
  • Standards-compliant Seals (ANSI and ISO)
  • Portable AbsoluteProof Envelope allows transfer of Seals and "sealed" content from system to system
  • Free downloadable Viewer for 3rd party validation of sealed content
  • Seamless integration into Windows Explorer


  • Proves (legally defensible) the time of record or document creation and authenticity
  • Tamper-evident, long-lasting and independently provable for the life of the record or content
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Cost-effective
  • Enables compliance with regulatory requirements for proper electronic records management.


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