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AbsoluteProof Sign & Seal - Protecting the Integrity of Intellectual Property by Locking Down Digitally Signed Content

As more organizations move to a "digital" world, the use of electronic or digital signatures as a method for protecting electronic records and files is becoming widespread. But most organizations overlook the fact that by just "signing" their electronic records, they haven't fully implemented the protections needed to legally prove authenticity and ownership of these business-critical records for their lifetime.

Locking Down the "Who," "What," and "When" of Your Electronic Records

AbsoluteProof Sign & Seal is an application that enables you to electronically "sign" and "seal" your digital content for long-term, legal defensibility purposes. Users can bind their electronic or digital signatures with an independent, digital time stamp, and then associate them with a specific electronic file, record or any type of digitally stored content.

The signature associates an identity (the who) with the content (the what). The "seal" (the when) then proves when the content was created and signed, and protects the integrity of the content and signature together, ensuring they are legally defensible. This is important in many "notary heavy" industries, such as pharma, finance, real estate, and legal.

With the AbsoluteProof digital timestamp service and a Surety Integrity Seal applied to your electronic records, you'll have the ability to objectively defend the ownership and credibility of your digital records, and will be in the strongest position if you were ever to enter into a legal or regulatory challenge.

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The Power of Proof

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