Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame

There are different ways that a business could utilize Surety's digital timestamping service. Below are a few real-world examples of companies who could have used AbsoluteProof® to protect their intellectual property data.

Social Networks Find Their Ways into Courtrooms
Conversations, postings and messages from social networks are admissible in courtroom debates. Are you protected?

Authenticity of E-Mails in First Trial May Haunt Johnson
Fabricated E-Mails Are No Joke for Former PurchasePro CEO

Former Computer Technician Pleads Guilty After Directing Staffers to Delete Emails
Former Computer Technician Has a Lot to Think about Behind Prison Walls

Former Intel Employee Accused of Stealing Confidential Files
Former employee’s attempt to swipe Intel’s intel leaves company at risk.

South Korean Scientist Apologizes for Deception
Don't Clone Hwang's Data Protection Mistakes

The Power of Proof

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